Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a current site, it will remain active during the process of designing your new site. When you are ready to launch your new site, there may be a few minutes of downtime while the domain is pointed from the old site to the new site but usually there is no downtime at all.
I choose WordPress as my preferred platform as I believe it’s the best platform for your growing business. Its exceptional flexibility, extensive array of plugins, and a user-friendly backend make website management a breeze.Having built websites on various platforms over the years, I can assert with confidence that WordPress stands out as the top choice overall.

Upon completion of the project I hand over all ownership of the design and design-related files to you, so you may use them as you see fit for your business. The website is hosted with the chosen hosting/cart provider and you pay them a monthly or yearly fee to host the site and files. This account will be in your name and billed directly to you, so you will have full control over your website.

Absolutely! You do not need to know HTML or buy any special software to do the daily, ongoing maintenance of your site (i.e. adding/editing products, managing orders, etc.) Many of our clients are first-time online business owners and that is why we use platforms that offer easy-to-use interfaces for clients to manage their sites on their own.

Getting your website listed on page one of search results is a combination of different strategies and tactics that work together to improve your website’s visibility and relevance to search engines. To get a website listed organically requires a long term strategy.  

I am not an SEO specialists and don’t solely focus on SEO. However in saying that when building all my websites I carry out the basically fundamentenals of SEO – this includes:

  1. On-page optimisation: Optimisising your website’s content and structure for the identified keywords. This includes optimising your titles, headings, meta descriptions, URL structure, and content. Making sure your content is informative, engaging, and well-structured to keep visitors on your site longer.
  2. Technical optimisation: Ensuring that your website is technically sound and meets the search engine’s guidelines. This includes improving website speed, mobile responsiveness, fixing broken links, and using structured data markup to help search engines understand your content better.

Sure, just send me an email – It’s much easier for us to keep track of what you need when we have it in email format.

There are no additional/ongoing fees from Jem Website Design for the design after the project is complete unless you request additional work or maintenance at a later time.
If you request additional work I charge at $90/hour.
The ongoing fees you will have in general for running a website will be for your web hosting and domain name registration. Those fees vary depending on which provider you chose to go with, usually charged monthly or annually.

This is a very common question I get asked my first time entrepreneurs.

The only way to do this is to run Pay Per Click marketing campaigns, such as Google Adwords, but there is almost no way that your website can rank highly in organic search results a week after it goes live.

As your website designer I include Basic SEO principles in each of my packages whist building your website. These include certain elements such as titles, headings, page names with your keywords in them, but those will only help slightly with how well you rank in search engines.

Please understand that search engines such as Google ask over 200 questions of each page before they deliver it to someone doing a search. Questions such as:

  • Does the search term appear in the title of the page
  • Is it in the heading and content of the website
  • Does it appear in the image alt tags
  • How many relevant websites link to this page

And many more.

Search engine optimisation process takes time – first you need to find the best keywords, ie. keywords that are searched often, but don’t have a lot of competition and then you need to work them into your website and also build links from other websites to yours.

The time frame for custom sites varies depending on the scope of the project, how much information is readily available by you when we start, and how available you are to answer emails and provide information & feedback. You should generally allow 3 to 4 weeks for your project to be completed.

Yep – Sure Can! If you have the design files, I can convert the site into a top notch wordpress website which will allow you to update and make changes to content whenever you want.

I aim to provide my clients with a high quality, professional yet personal service. Working from my exterior home office, I have minimal overheads, and don’t have any staff to pay. By working this way I am able to offer affordable quality web design services.

Before I got into website design, my background was marketing research and consumer behaviour and I believe this is what sets me apart from my competitors  –  I create websites with the consumer in mind – no bells and whistles, just websites that work!

Before I got into website design, I completed a marketing degree and then went on to work in the field of marketing research and consumer behaviour. I then landed a role which involved website marketing and it was from here that I found my niche.

I believe this is what sets me apart from my competitors  –  I create websites with the consumer in mind – no bells and whistles, just websites that work!

I aim to use open-source technologies that are widely supported in the marketplace. I have experience with a variety of technologies including Joomla and WordPress. These technologies offer out-of-the-box functionality that can be implemented much more cost effectively than a full custom build.

I have three packages – One Page, Small Business and eCommerce/Catalogue. Clients choose a package based on their requirements. Additional costs include domain registration and website hosting.

Working from my exterior home office, I have minimal overheads, and don’t have any staff to pay. By working this way I am able to offer affordable quality web design services.

Purpose of website. What they require – i.e web design, logo, shop, domain registration, web hosting, blog, email, crm, cms, seo etc..

I really enjoy what I do, which doesn’t make it feel like a job at all -more like a hobby.

With a background in marketing, each role I worked in, always involved maintaining content for the company website. I found, I had a knack for it, always achieved good results and decided to specialise in it.

Have a clear, realistic idea of what you’d like to achieve. Know your market – your customers and your competitors. Define your goals and objectives

At Jem Website Design, I strive for a a happy customer and go above and beyond in order to make it happen!